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More than 1000 tutors at your service

More than 1000 tutors at your service
Nous aidons des milliers de familles au Canada


The best tutors

Our certified tutors are highly qualified to ensure exceptional, personalized service.


100% satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with the first meeting, we will reimburse you the first hour.



We verify our tutors' identity and criminal record in order to ensure an impeccable service


Competitive prices

Our prices vary between $38 and $48 per hour. No minimum number of hours is required. The services are tax deductible.


Experienced advisors

Experienced advisors will find your child the best tutor and will accompany their academic career.


Thousands of students have received help

School Success has helped more than 30 000 students since 2006. 92% of them improve their grades.

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of our students improve their grades


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Testimonials from School Success clients

  • I am very satisfied with the services provided by School Success. The tutor who was assigned to my daughter helped her increase her overall average by 15% in 2 months..

    Alia A. School Success client
  • Christian was a fabulous tutor, always available, patient, and able to assess Justine's difficulties and evaluate her progress. Thank you again!.

    Maryse H. School Success client
  • Rania was always available for my daughter and helped her in many subjects. She was excellent..

    Suzanne P. School Success client
  • I really appreciated the speed with which the team found a tutor even though I was at the last minute..

    Nathalie R. School Success client
  • Simon's tutor definitely allowed him to pass math this year. He was failing at the beginning and he ended his year with 88%. A huge thank you!.

    Soland C. School Success client
  • We really like Jean-Francois' work. He gives everything of himself for the success of our child. Bravo!.

    Avi S. School Success client
  • Congratulations to your whole team and particularly to Andrea who, through her advice and careful attention, helped our son get his self-confidence back..

    Steve C. School Success client
  • Excellent service. We will continue next year. Our place is already reserved for September..

    Jocelyne N. School Success client
  • For our part, our tutor Karle Léonidas has an extraordinary tenderness and patience. She was able to explain everything that was very complex for our daughter that the school was not able to explain to her..

    Anne C. School Success client
  • Our tutor, Miss Veillette, has surpassed our expectations. She goes beyond her tasks and continuously searches for solutions for our son. I can only congratulate her. She's really incredible..

    Luc B. School Success client
  • We really appreciate our tutor, he adapts well to our child's needs. We really like the at-home tutoring formula..

    Chantal A. School Success client

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