What to know before signing up to our services.

Frequently asked questions

The rates vary between $38 and $48 per hour and depend on where the sessions take place as well as the number of hours you use. We suggest that you contact us by phone at 1877 988-8672 to know more.

Your child is unique and so are their needs. We will surely find the formula that works for you. Our advisors are here to talk to you, 1 877 988-8672

The tutoring sessions can take place online, 7 days per week. A solution will present itself no matter where you are in Canada.

Yes, our services are tax deductible. Visit this side for more information: www.cra-arc.gc.ca. Our services are also free of GST/QST and certain group insurance plans reimburse part of the fees related to our services. We recommend you speak to your insurance provide for more information.

Many signs can tell you that your child could greatly benefit from our services. Some of the signs to look out for are: a decrease in their performance at school, a loss of motivation which respect to school in general, a lack of confidence in their school work, stress and conflict when it comes time to do homework and lessons. School Success encourages you not to wait for you child to fail. Call upon our services and give you child a helping hand!

Absolutely, whether they are diagnosed or not, your child can benefit from a service adapted to their learning disability. Do not hesitate to speak to one of our advisors!

The parent has an important complementary role to the services provided by School Success. When you sign your child up for our services, we provide you with a free guide that will give you advice on how to play your role in your child's progress.

An improvement in their learning depends on many factors such as the frequency of meetings and the difficulties the student is already experiencing. School Success suggests you use our services for at least two months before noticing significant progress.

Our large pool of tutors allows us to help students from kindergarten to Cegep.

Once you speak to one of our agents, a registration form will be sent by e-mail. You can fill the form directly online.

Our tutors can work from Monday to Sunday, in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. We do our best to match your availabilities with those of the selected tutor.

Our ten years of experience have allowed us to estimate the formula adapted to each type of student. Speak to us about your child so that we can steer you in the right direction!

In order to make your life easier, we offer the possibility of paying by bank withdrawal or credit card (direct withdrawal). You can also pay by cash or cheque.

The services are paid directly to School Success. The tutors are not responsible for collecting payment.

What you need to know about the tutor selection process.

Frequently asked questions

Once this step is done, the person in charge of tutoring will contact you in order to introduce themselves and will inform you regularly on the progress of their search.

School Success is committed to finding a tutor within a maximum of 10 days from the date you complete the registration form.

You will play an important part in helping us choose a tutor for your child. Our registration form is very detailed, you will therefore be able to complete your child's profile by describing their academic situation and their personality. We will base ourselves on this in order to select the tutor that will best match their needs, availabilities and personality.

We provide support for getting school work done, we ensure the acquisition of competencies required by the school program; all this, in collaboration with the parents and teachers. As a young and dynamic organization, we are your partner in your child's success!

Our tutors are university students or people with full time jobs. Many of them are studying in education or a related program. We assure you that they all have experience with youth.

With the parents' approval, School Success can communicate with the staff at your child's school in order to work in close collaboration with them and offer your child a better chance at success.

What to know once the tutoring sessions have started?

Frequently asked questions

We will send a follow-up by email after your first meeting with your tutor in order to receive your comments. After every 10 hours of tutoring, you will received a detailed report of your child's progress. At all times, on the portal, you will have access to the work done by the tutor at each session. We are committed to conducting follow-ups with you throughout your experience.

If the tutor does not correspond to what you are looking for, we can match your child to a different one. Ideally, you would call us to help us better target the person you need!

If you are not completely satisfied with your first meeting, we will reimburse you the equivalent of one hour of tutoring and we will suggest a replacement.

At each meeting, the tutor uses the portal to describe the work done with your child. A more thorough follow-up will be done in a second report that will be written after 10 hours of work. These follow-ups are sent by email after every 10 hours of tutoring.

Our network is equipped with a messaging system which allows you to communicate securely with your tutor.

For every tutoring session, an invitation is sent by email. You will then be able to accept or refuse within a 24 hour delay. If this delay has passed, you can contact an administrator to find a solution.

Ideally, you would cancel directly through the School Success network. This way the tutor and the administrator will both be informed. You can also call an administrator to do this for you.

A change to a meeting must be done 24 hours in advance. All absence that does not respect this delay will be charge an amount equivalent to one hour of tutoring. (*Except with a doctor's note).